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  • Vexigo’s Private Marketplace alongside our programmatic deals, provides the highest engaged and tailor-made campaigns, by conducting pinpointed optimizations throughout our marketplace.

    Publishers can enjoy from incremental revenue streams, which are available with the Vexigo marketplace, all to ensure publishers are filling their assets with full potential, resulting with max ROI. This guarantee our publishers to yield the most of their traffic.

  • We achieve to be aligned with our publisher’s needs. User experience is an important milestone for us and as of it, our tech stack provides light integrated video ad formats and fully transparent dashboard for Out-stream and In-stream ad units. If it’s a content, header bidding or multi-channel solution you are after, with Vexigo you have one platform to operate it all.

  • As a publisher using Vexigo’s products, you can rest assure your interest is what we navigate by. Our commitment to you, resulting in max fill correlating with the most competitive CPMs all wrapped on one single package of brand awareness, using top brand safety vendors platforms in addition to day to day dedicated account management.

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