Connecting Advertisers With Premium and Trusted Publishers


  • Vexigo’s expertise is all about cross-channel solution for video, our one stop shop, aiming to give our buyers’ specific business needs and quality as scale. By becoming an advertiser with Vexigo, you gain access to Direct and Unique inventory at scale, which are delivered from our cutting-edge ad formats, from our Studio and direct publishers deals. All inventory is viewable, diversified in a clean a monitored environment.

  • Here at Vexigo we understand the need to provide our advertisers the insurance their budget is in the right hands. If it’s desktop, mobile traffic or OTT traffic you are after – we can deliver.

    Our partnerships with Tier 1 publishers through our PMP’s and programmatic deals, allows us to provide you with clean viewable traffic at scale, fully supported the Ads.txt initiative and according to the IAB guidelines.

  • In addition to our direct PMP’s and deals with our valued direct publishers, Vexigo operate its Studio for mobile App, fully owned and operated by our amazing team. Our advertisers can choose from our multiple verticals, different ad formats, all in one place.

  • Quality is our top concern. It’s our bread and butter; therefore, you can rest assure Vexigo’s Quality team is monitoring and cleaning our marketplace from bad actors, delivering our advertisers any KPI required from us.

    Our partnerships with the top-quality vendors in the industry combined with our internal Quality team, will make sure your campaign is there to impact, by engaging the audience you are looking for.

  • Some of our trusted demand partners