Connecting brands with their audiences

Vexigo looks at advertising in a unique way. We partner with advertisers and brands to take their message to targeted users no matter where they are or on what platform. If your target user is a female aged 25 who likes to buy Essie nail polish from the Wallgreens on 48th and 5th ave in Manhattan we can bring your message to her through her mobile device, connected TV or home computer and report on the effectiveness of the campaign. That's how we roll, we can put your message where you want it and optimize so it will be most effective.

We offer access to high volume, quality and transparent media on a platform that combines machine learning, trend analysis and future modeling with virtually unlimited reach to drive everything from high volume, predictive RTB, private marketplaces and direct campaigns .

Customized player functions increase engagement and enable brands to offer customers special deals and more info directly from the player. Related video content offers advertisers the unique opportunity to match relevant video to their advertising. Extending brand moments beyond the end of the actual ad and further engaging the audience.

A combination of in-house transparency assurance and leading 3rd party solutions including MOAT and Double Verify creates an environment that eliminates wasted spend ensures brand safety.